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101 Dalmatians was planned since September 1998 for this VHS release on March 9, 1999. Disney claimed that 101 Dalmatians will be available for 101 days, until June 19, 1999, when Tarzan gets released in theaters.

Running Time: 79 Minutes

Print date: January 21, 1999

Number: 94

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Full of boundless adventure and boisterous fun, Disney's 17th animated masterpiece is the original film classic starring 101 of the world's most lovable, huggable Dalmatians and their hilariously evil captor, Cruella De Vil! A charming London neighborhood is home to Roger and Anita, whose beloved Dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita, have become the proud parents of 15 puppies. But when Cruella and her bumbling henchmen, Horace and Jasper, unexpectedly appear, the pups soon disappear -- along with every other Dalmatian puppy in town! Now Pongo and Perdita must rally their animal friends and use the power of the "Twilight Bark" to find Cruella's secret hideaway and free the puppies. Featuring the unforgettable, toe-tapping song "Cruella De Vil," 101 Dalmatians is one of the most cherished and sought-after Disney classics of all time -- and among the last films to bear the personal touch of Walt Disney.

VHS Supplements[edit | edit source]

Video Creation date
1 Green warning screens November 4, 1997
2 Walt Disney Home Video logo June 19, 1992
3 Trailer for Doug's 1st Movie March 9, 1999
4 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection promo July 14, 1998
5 Video preview for A Bug's Life February 2, 1999
6 Trailer for Madeline: Lost in Paris (U.S. Release only) March 9, 1999
7 Trailer for The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue February 23, 1999
8 Mouse Works cartoon March 9, 1999
9 Feature Presentation June 19, 1992
10 THX logo August 29, 1995
11 101 Dalmatians January 25, 1961

On later copies, a preview for A Bug's Life that says Coming to video April 20th.

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