Alvin and the Chipmunks Sing Alongs: Ragtime Cowboy Joe is a 1993 Alvin and the Chipmunks VHS, released by Buena Vista Home Video.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Get ready for a very funny sing-along video led by the world's most mischievous chipmunk, Alvin! While he and his brothers Simon and Theodore perform each song, your kids will love singing, dancing and laughing along, because they can follow the words on the screen. And no child can resist these all-time favorite songs done in the uniquely playful Chipmunks style!

VHS Supplements[edit | edit source]

Video Creation date
1 Green warning screens June 19, 1992
2 Buena Vista Home Video logo August 15, 1990
3 Videos preview for Fraggle Rock April 30, 1993
4 Promo for Muppet Sing-Alongs: Billy Bunny's Animal Songs April 30, 1993
5 Feature Program April 30, 1993
6 Alvin and the Chipmunks Sing-Alongs: Ragtime Cowboy Joe April 30, 1993
7 Promo for Alvin and the Chipmunks videos April 30, 1993

Song List[edit | edit source]

Intro: Let's All Sing with The Chipmunks[edit | edit source]

The following clips are used in this song:

  • The Alvin Show intro
  • I Wish I Could Speak French
  • Whistle While You Work
  • Squares
  • Bumper: Dolly In
  • Good Neighbor
  • Alvin's Cruise
  • Bumper: Doors

Song 1: Alvin's Orchestra[edit | edit source]

Dave meets the Chipmunks at a recording studio, where he sees Alvin conducting a 50-piece orchestra. While the Chipmunks are singing, Dave is trying to calculate how much such a large band costs, but in the end gives up and throws money out of his wallet.

Song 2: Git Along Little Doggies[edit | edit source]

The Chipmunks play cowboys in Dave's garage. Alvin tricks Dave into ringing the doorbell to make Dave not notice them. But when Dave finally catches them, he orders them to clean the garage before the count of three. The song ends when Dave trips on a sawhorse.

Song 3: Old MacDonald Had a Farm[edit | edit source]

Dave and the Chipmunks visit Old MacDonald's farm and sing Old MacDonald, while the animals dance along. At the end, the farmer is surprised to see them all dancing in a conga line.

Song 4: Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone[edit | edit source]

Dave and the Chipmunks are finding a missing dog. Dave looks behind the bushes, while the Chipmunks look inside the dog catcher's truck. When dusk comes, the dog catcher returns the missing dog to Theodore.

Song 5: Witch Doctor[edit | edit source]

In the Seville house, the Chipmunks wear masks from Dave's masks collection and sing Witch Doctor. However, the song awakens the neighbors from their nightly slumber. They march toward the house and pound on the door, only to get frightened by the masks Dave and the Chipmunks are wearing.

Song 6: Polly Wolly Doodle[edit | edit source]

Alvin is doodling a "special kind of magic doodling". He sings a song about the time he, Simon, Theodore, and Dave went to Louisiana and met new friend such as Sal, a grasshopper, a guy who he thinks is a horse, and a chicken, who stole the A on Alvin's shirt, luckily Dave returned it to Alvin. The song ends with a group drawing.

Song 7: Bicycle Built For Two[edit | edit source]

The Chipmunks think Daisy Bell's new tandem bicycle is more beautiful then her. Daisy is disappointed and tells Dave about it. The Chipmunks sing as they ride Daisy's new bike. When all three ride it, they are stopped by Dave. He and Daisy ride it together, ending the song.

Song 8: Alouette[edit | edit source]

The Chipmunks are playing war, and claim when Dave, their enemy, reaches their objective, they'll have to rehearse. They try to stop him. Dave asks them how come they're wearing hats. The Chipmunks sing one verse of Alouette. Afterward, Dave asks them to sing it in English, so the Chipmunks translate it to: If You Love Me. They then carry Dave and walk away with him.

Song 9: Ragtime Cowboy Joe[edit | edit source]

At a TV studio, the Chipmunks sing in a western scene on a dancing horse. While they were singing the song again, Alvin sneaks in the gun shop and shoots it, frightening the horse and it runs away, while Alvin yells out "HI-HO, ALVIN!"

Song 10: While Strolling In the Park[edit | edit source]

At a park, Alvin buys many different colorful balloons from various vendors. He gave them to Dave and sends him flying into the sky. The Chipmunks sing, while Alvin and Simon are attracted by two different girls. Theodore is instead attracted by a cat, who Theodore shows the park to.

Song 11: Alvin's Harmonica[edit | edit source]

Late at night, while Dave is napping on a chair, he dreams of Alvin playing his harmonica for their song. The Chipmunks sing, but Alvin says he wants to play his harmonica. Dave lets Alvin make a fool of himself to play his harmonica, but the song changes to cha-cha and Dave gets mad and shouts loudly, waking himself and the Chipmunks up. The Chipmunks put Dave to bed, but just when he nearly falls asleep, Alvin blows his harmonica loudly, awakening Dave again.

Ending[edit | edit source]

Alvin: "Bye-bye, my friends, you've all been so kind. If you want to see more, just hit rewind."

Credits[edit | edit source]

  • Original Shows and Songs Produced By: Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.
  • Sing Along Produced By: Harry Arends, Phil Savenick
  • In Association With: Buena Vista Home Video and Bagdasarian Productions
  • Creative Consultants: Janice Karman, Ross Bagdasarian
  • Sing Along Edited By: Robert Schneider
  • Sing Along Associate Producer: Michael Pellerin
  • Sing Along Production Coordinator: Christiana Pillot
  • Sing Along Musical Coordinator: Andrew Belling
  • Voice Over Narration: Ross Bagdasarian, Janice Karman
  • Paintbox Artist: Mike Bonner
  • Sing Along Graphics: Mark Dennison, Judy Franchini, Cherie Fryman, Lee Scott
  • For Bagdasarian Productions: Denise Ferguson, Mark Rashba
  • Special Thanks To: Jon Baker, The Bakery Recording Studios, Robert Faulk, Format Films
  • Songs
    • Chipmunk Sing Along Song
      • Words and Music: Ross Bagdasarian, Janice Karman
    • Alvin's Orchestra
      • Words and Music: Ross Bagdasarian Sr.
    • Witch Doctor
      • Words and Music: Ross Bagdasarian Sr.
    • Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built For Two)
      • Words and Music: Harry Darce
      • Arranged By: Ross Bagdasarian Sr.
    • Ragtime Cowboy Joe
      • Words and Music: Lewis F. Muir, Grant Clarke, Maurice Abrahams
    • While Strolling Through The Park One Day
      • Words and Music: Ed Haley, Robert A. Keiser
      • Arranged By: Ross Bagdasarian Sr.
    • Alvin's Harmonica
      • Words and Music: Ross Bagdasarian Sr.
  • (c) 1961 Ross Bagdasarian All Rights Reserved
  • Sing Along (c) 1993 Bagdasarian Productions and Buena Vista Home Video All Rights Reserved

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Deleted and Edited Scenes[edit | edit source]

Alvin's Orchestra[edit | edit source]

Dave pays the taxi driver.

Git Along Little Doggies[edit | edit source]

Theodore rides Simon like a horse while Alvin chases them to lasso them.

Old MacDonald Had A Farm[edit | edit source]

Dave and the Chipmunks arrive at the farm.

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone[edit | edit source]

Theodore calls for the missing dog.

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