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March 24, 1995

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Catch the movie that flew over the fence and into the hearts of millions of cheering fans! It's Disney's ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD, the feel-good film of the year about a young boy praying for a father -- and a struggling baseball team praying for a pennant. Danny Glover plays George Knox, the frustrated coach of the California Angels, a ragtag team of major-league misfits who are down on their luck. But things begin to look up when 11-year-old Roger, their biggest fan, starts giving Knox some winning tips from a real live angel named Al (Christopher Lloyd). The team miraculously climbs back into the pennant race ... all the while learning to believe in themselves. With its heavenly mix of outrageous comedy, dazzling special effects, and amazing baseball action, Disney's ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD is an entertainment home run for the whole family!

VHS Supplements[edit | edit source]

Video Creation date
1 Green warning screens June 19, 1992
2 Walt Disney Home Video logo June 19, 1992
3 Video preview for Aladdin and the King of Thieves March 24, 1995
4 Video preview for Cinderella March 3, 1995
5 Video preview for Muppet Classic Theater March 24, 1995
6 Feature Presentation October 25, 1994
7 Full Screen Format Disclaimer January 22, 1994
8 Angels in the Outfield July 15, 1994

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