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Release Date[edit | edit source]

November 4, 1997

Running Time: 42 Minutes

Print date: 274th day of 1997 (October 1, 1997)

List Price[edit | edit source]


Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Barney
  • Baby Bop (mentioned)
  • Ashley
  • Kristen
  • Robert
  • Stephen
  • Squirrel
  • Man in the moon
  • Butterfly
  • Fireflies

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The video begins with four kids - Ashley, Kristen, Robert, and Stephen - walking into the school playground. They notice a butterfly flying, and all decide to pretend to be butterflies while they sing "Four Little Butterflies".

After the song, they then decide to play a game of shadow tag, when suddenly a big shadow appears. As the kids figure out whose shadow it is, Barney appears saying it's his own shadow. The kids greet him and then show him their hand shapes on shadows. Barney shows that shadows are made from the sun. They all sing "Mister Sun".

After that, the kids discover that the sun is so bright. Kristen states that people can never look directly at the sun. So, Barney brings in the "Barney Bag". In the classroom, the kids make visor caps out of paper plates and elastic string. Barney then explains that the sun give plants energy. So with a little magic, Barney dresses the kids as flowers and they sing "What Makes A Flower So Pretty?".

The kids then get Barney to guess what flower they're dressed up as. In rhyme, Barney identifies Stephen as a marigold, Kristen as a daisy, Robert as a sunflower, and Ashley as a pansy. Barney then asks the kids to get together as they make a pose. The scene fades to the four flowers, as actual flowers, in the school garden and the kids return to their normal clothes. Barney says he sees the flowers growing every day, which leads everyone to sing "Growing".

After the song, the kids talk about their bedtime routines, and Robert wishes to stay up all night long. Everyone else agrees, so Barney sets up a bedroom in the classroom. As the group sings "Getting Ready for Bed", they pretend to bathe and brush their teeth and put on their pajamas by magic. They get into bed and are about to go to sleep. However, it doesn't work, because it's still light out. Barney suggests a bedtime story.

He begins his story - "Just One More Thing". In this musical story, a little girl names Sarah (played by Kristen) cannot go to sleep without something she needs. Her grandfather (Barney) brings in three sandmen (Robert, Stephen, and Ashley) to give her stuffed dolls and animals. Sarah says she needs one last thing, so her grandfather gives her a goodnight kiss. The three sandmen close the story with a reprise.

After the story is over, Ashley says she's still not sleepy. Barney then lulls the kids with "Brahms' Lullaby", but it still doesn't work. Barney says he has something to make it really nighttime. He brings in his magic Night-Timer, which turns day into night when the dial is turned.

Everyone goes outside and listen to the nighttime sounds as they sing "Listen to the Nighttime". After that they hear snoring coming from the treehouse. Barney and the kids go upstairs and find a sleeping squirrel. They sing "Are You Sleeping". Next, Kristen and Robert go up in the lookout to look at stars through the play telescope. While they are looking, they hear a ghostly noise. Kristen guesses it sounds like an owl. Ashley doesn't approve it's an owl. When she asks "Is it a... ghost?", Barney doesn't believe in such a guess and pulls off the white sheet, revealing to be Stephen in disguise.

Next, Kristen and Robert spy a full moon through the telescope. Barney says that some people say there's a man in the moon, reminding him of a song called "Aiken Drum", and everyone sings it together. After that, they look at constellations, which are a group of stars forming pictures. Barney shows an example by holding a ladle above one matching constellation, forming the Big Dipper.

Kristen and Robert come down the slide to join Barney, Stephen, and Ashley looking up at stars. They all sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". After that, all the stars disappear and the sun comes up at the start of a new day. Kristen says "We wanted to stay up all night, and we have!" Everyone sings a reprise of "Mister Sun" as they come down to the school playground. After that, Barney returns the kids in their normal clothes once again.

They all sing one final song, "I Love You". Then they say goodbye and leave the school, and Barney returns in doll form. The butterfly returns, landing on his finger, and Barney winks, ending the video.

VHS Supplements[edit | edit source]

Video Creation date
1 Lyrick Studios warning screens March 26, 1996
2 Lyrick Studios Logo November 4, 1997
3 Sneak preview for Barney Great Adventure September 2, 1997
4 Plesse Stay Tuned Following This Presentation For Previews Of Other Barney Home Video November 7, 1995
5 Barney Home Video Logo November 7, 1995
6 Barney's Good-Day Good Night November 4, 1997
7 Barney Actimates Microsoft Promo September 2, 1997
8 Video preview Barney's Adventures Bus September

23, 1997

9 Video preview Kids for Character Choice Count! September

23, 1997

10 Video preview Barney's Camp Wannarunnaround November 4, 1997
11 Lyrick Studios Logo March 18, 1997
12 Videos trailer for Groundling Marsh (Canadian Release Only) November 4, 1997

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