When The Aristocats celebrated its near theatrical re-issue on April 10, 1987, it was announced by Disney for a VHS release with a date of April 24, 1996. At that time, March 17, 1996 was declared as "St. Catrick's Day". *Best Song 1971.

Release date[edit | edit source]

April 24, 1996

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Aspect ratio[edit | edit source]


Format[edit | edit source]

T-90 (Standard Play, NTSC)

Audio[edit | edit source]

Hi-Fi Stereo

Language(s)[edit | edit source]

English, Spanish

Subtitles[edit | edit source]

English (Closed Captioned)

Print Date: March 5, 1996

Number: 43

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Disney's 40th full-length animated masterpiece, The Aristocats is an unforgettable mix of wild adventures, colorful characters and jazzy music your family will find absolutely irresistible. A timeless treasure, it was the last animated feature to get the nod from Walt Disney himself. this enchanting tale begins in Paris, when a kind and eccentric millionaires wills her entire estate to her family -- a family of adorable high-society cats. Overhearing her plan, Edgar, the greedy, bumbling butler, catnaps Duchess, the elegant, soft-spoken mother, and her three mischievous kittens and abandons them in the French countryside. The charming Thomas O'Malley, a rough-and-tumble alley cat, saunters by and offers to escort then home. Along the way, the stop at Thomas' "pad" where Scat Cat and his band of swingin' jazz cats perform the memorable "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat." Enriched by "high-style Disney animation" (the New Yorker) and engaging music by 1971 Academy Award® winning songwriters, the Sherman brothers (Mary Poppins), The Aristocats can now take its well deserved place in your family's collection of Disney masterpieces -- for the very first time.

VHS Supplements[edit | edit source]

Video Creation date
1 Green warning screens June 19, 1992
2 Walt Disney World promo April 10, 1996
3 Promo for Toy Story video games April 10, 1996
4 Sneak peek at The Hunchback of Notre Dame April 10, 1996
5 Video preview for Muppet Treasure Island April 10, 1996
6 Trailer for Tom and Huck April 10, 1996
7 Video preview for Aladdin and the King of Thieves April 10, 1996
8 Feature Presentation June 19, 1992
9 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Logo October 28, 1994
10 The Aristocats March 26, 1971

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