Here is the 1994 VHS of The Seventh Brother.

MGM/UA Home Video Preceding Logo, Warning Screen, 1993 MGM/UA Home Video Logo, Famous Storyteller/Opening Credits, Tiny Gets Lost, What is This?, Meeting the Bunnies, He Needs Us, Be a Bunny Puppy, Introduction Singalong, A Lot of Rules, How to Be a Bunny, Tiny to the Rescue, Be Our Brother, Part of the Family, The Forest is in Danger, Tiny Meets the Forest Dwellers, Too Late, Missing Angie, Cheering Up Tiny, Being a Good Friend, Poachers, Facing the Danger, Tiny's Water Rescue, Tiny is Ill, Taking Tiny Home, End Credits, 1993 MGM/UA Home Video Logo (Closing Variant), MGM/UA Home Video Preceding Logo

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