Here is the 1993 VHS of Willy the Sparrow.

MGM/UA Home Video Preceding Logo, Warning Screen, 1993 MGM/UA Home Video Logo, Boys Will Be Boys, Sparrow Hunter, The Sparrow Guardian, Willy Gets Picked On, I Can't Fly, Knowledge is Freedom, Flying Lessons, Sissy Comes Back, It's Not a Dream, Teaching Cipur to Read, More Practice, A Quick Look Outside, Some New Friends, The Barn and Blackie, Willy Goes Home, The Elixir of Knowledge, Drink to Knowledge, Willy Rescues Cipur, Our New Leader, Taking the Barn Back, Blackie Attacks, I'll Stay a Sparrow, End Credits, 1993 MGM/UA Home Video Logo (Closing Variant), MGM/UA Home Video Preceding Logo

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