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  • February 18, 1997
  • March 3, 1998
  • January 5, 1999
  • March 7, 2000

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9799 (1997-2000 VHS)

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T-40 (Standard Play, NTSC)

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Hi-Fi Stereo

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English (Closed Captioned)

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  1. The Wishing Bear
  2. Good-bye Mr. Pooh
  3. Balloonatics

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Walt Disney Home Video

Opening Titles[edit | edit source]

Winnie the Pooh Friendship: Pooh Wishes

Episodes Titles[edit | edit source]

"The WIshing Bear"

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Pooh: Christopher Robin, is that twinkly one really your very own wishing star? Really?

Christopher Robin: (Chuckles) Yes, Pooh. Would you like to wish for something?

Pooh: Very, very much.

Christopher Robin: Then you have to say the special wishing rhyme.

Pooh: But I don't know the special wishing rhyme.

Christopher Robin: Silly old bear. That's because I haven't told you yet.

Pooh: (Chuckles)

Christopher Robin: Remember, you have to flap like a bird, jump like a fish, sit down, stand up, wish, wish, wish.

Pooh: Flap like a bird. Jump like a... fish. Sit down, stand up, wish, wish, wish!

Christopher Robin: You got to cover your eyes, Pooh.

Pooh: I wish for something sweet. For me.

Christopher Robin: Why, look, Pooh.

Pooh: Oh, my goodness! It really works. Now, I wish for a pot for Piglet, and one for me. And a pot for Rabbit, and another one for me. And one for Tigger. And...

Christopher Robin: You don't want to do that.

Pooh: I don't?

Christopher Robin: Oh, no. You see, it's a very small wishing star. And too many wishes might wear it out.

Pooh: Then can we come back tomorrow night?

Christopher Robin: Of course we can.

Pooh: (Chuckles) I think he winked at me. Bother. My wish is empty. But tonight I'll get more. (Chuckles) Because I shall fly like a bird, swim like a fish,... ..wish, wish... wish? My goodness! I think I've forgotten the wishing rhyme. This is going to take some very large remembering.

(Piglet Strains)

Piglet: Oh, dear!

Pooh: Hop like a bunny. Dig like a... No, that's not it.

(All Yelling)

Piglet: Hello, Pooh Bear. I'm building my very own snowman. All by myself.

Pooh: That's a very big job for such a very small animal, Piglet.

Piglet: Yes. I think so, too. And what are you doing?

Pooh: I'm trying to remember.

(Piglet Strains)

Piglet: Remember what?

Pooh: I forget. But it has something to do with Christopher Robin's wishing star.

Piglet: Wishing star? Christopher Robin has a wishing star? Do you think I could wish for a snowman?

Pooh: I don't see why not, Piglet.

Tigger: Hmm. Good move. But not good enough! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! King Kong me. (Laughs) I win. I win! I... I always win. Boy, this sure is boring. If only there was two of me. Then things'd be fun.

Pooh: Let me see... Walk like a turtle. Dance like a... worm? No, not that, either. Why, hello, Tigger.

Tigger: Hiya, Buddy Bear. You guys wanna play?

Piglet: We can't. We're going to wish on Christopher Robin's wishing star.

Tigger: Wait a minute. A wishing star! I could wish for another Tigger to play with. Oh, Pooh. Can I wish too? Can I?

Pooh: Well, you see, I can't quite remember...

Tigger: Thanks, Buddy Bear. I can hardly wait. A friend. A companion. Someone to compare stripes with. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Pooh: Buzz like a bee? Oh, bother.

(Rabbit Hums)

Rabbit: I just love vegetable soup.

Bugs: Carrots!

Rabbit: Try to steal my vegetables, will you? And don't come back! Oh, my! Oh, my!

Pooh: Flap like a armadillo? No. Flap like a pig? No.

Rabbit: Back! Back!

Pooh: (Gasps) My goodness!

Tigger: Oh, no. Bunny Boy's outnumbered a jillion to one. What do we do?

Piglet: Perhaps I should... build a snowman?


Rabbit: What now?


Bugs: Retreat!

Tigger: Well, Rabbit, I guess Piglet got rid of those buggy boys.

Rabbit: Yes, he certainly did that. But they'll be back. I wish there were some way to keep them out of my house for good!

Piglet: Excuse me, Rabbit. But did you say wish? Pooh's got a wishing star. Perhaps...

Rabbit: A wishing star? Why, I could wish for no more bugs in my house. In the Hundred Acre Wood. In the world. (Laughs) Oh, how wonderful.

Pooh: Yes. Expect for one thing.

Piglet: What, Pooh?

(All) Yes, what, Pooh?

Pooh: I can't remember how to make a wish.

Rabbit: What?

Tigger: (Gasps) He's got walking amnesia.

Rabbit: Don't worry. No sooner mentioned than remembered.

Tigger: We'll drain that little brain in no time.

(All) We'll cure it.

Pooh: Why, thank you... I think.

Rabbit: Getting your memory back is like losing hiccups. You just have to scare the person. (Scary)

Pooh: Oh, bother.

Rabbit: What do you remember?

Pooh: I remember that your house used to be a lot cleaner than this.

Tigger: His memories have probably slipped to his feet. Ipso fatso, if we turn him upside down, the memories will rush back to his head, where they belong. Do you remember who I am, Buddy Bear?

Pooh: Why, yes! You're Tigger!

Tigger: It worked. It worked!

Pooh: But I've always remembered who you are, Tigger.

Tigger: Oh, yeah. I forgot. I forgot? You don't think that forgetting stuff is contagerous, do you?

Rabbit: Now, Pooh, stand up. This hot water bottle will warm up your memories. And they'll just float to the top of your head. (Chuckles)

Tigger: Sit down, Pooh Boy, and take a load off your mind.

Rabbit: He should stand up.

Tigger: Sit down.

Pooh: Stand up. Sit down. Stand up.

Piglet: Wait. Look.

Pooh: Flap like a bird, jump like a fish. Sit down, stand up, wish, wish, wish! I've got it. I've got it.

(Tigger Laughs)

Rabbit: He's got it! He's got it! Now we can get our wishes! Quick. What time is it?

Piglet: Half past dark.

Tigger: Come on! To the wishing star!

(Door Closes)

Pooh: Oh, bother. It's awfully hungry out tonight. I do hope I'm not too late.

Tigger: Flap like a bird. Jump like a fish.

Piglet: Sit down, stand up.

(All) Wish, wish, wish!

Tigger: I wish I had another Tigger to play with.

Rabbit: I wish those bugs would go away forever.

Piglet: I wish I could build a snowman all by myself.

Rabbit: Good night, Pooh, and thank you.

Tigger: Yeah. Thanks, Buddy Bear.

Piglet: You're a real friend.

Pooh: I wonder how many wishes a star can give. (Chuckles) I'm sure one more little pot of honey can't hurt. Flap like a bird, jump like a fish, sit down, stand up, wish, wish, wish! Wishing star? Oh, wishing star. (Gasps) Oh, my. Christopher Robin's star. I wished him out. Oh, dear. I wished too hard. The star is gone. And before my friends could get their wishes, too. There's only one thing to do. If the wishing star can't make their wishes come true, then I will. I hope. Now, how shall I make a snowman for Piglet, without him knowing it was me?

(Piglet Screams)

Pooh: Oh, bother.

Piglet: Oh, my goodness. My wish has come true. I made a snowman all by myself. I can't wait to show him to Pooh Bear.

Pooh: (Chuckles) That was easy. Now to find Tigger.

Tigger: Yoo-hoo! Other Tigger! Waiting for your wish is exhausperating. You in there, Tigger boy? How about here?

Pooh: Here I am, Tig... Er, Buddy Boy.

Tigger: Hmm. Oh, you don't say. You do look sorta familiar. But are you sure you're a T-I-double-G-ER?

Pooh: Of course I'm a Tigger. I have stripes. See?

Tigger: You're right. You are a Tigger. Come on. I'll race you to the tree.

Pooh: Alright. On your mark, get set...

Tigger: Go!

Pooh: Now for Rabbit's wish.

Tigger: You know, that guy's kind of slow for a Tigger. Then again, maybe he's so fast he's already here. And gone. Hey, Buddy Boy, come on out. Ollie ollie oxen tree.

Directors Bugs: Forward, bugs.

Pooh: Excuse me, please. But I know where there are some large vege-table... vege-bubbles. Some really big food.

Rabbit: Yes? Did someone knock? Certainly is getting dark early.

Pooh: (Chuckles) There you are. Help yourselves.

(Balloon Popping)

Piglet: Pooh, I've been looking all over for you. I want to show you my new snowman.

Pooh: I'd love to see it, Piglet. I'll be along as soon as I finish cheering up... Rabbit's friends.

Piglet: Thank you, Pooh. Pooh, if you don't mind my asking, what is that?

Pooh: This? Well, it's to keep sharks away.

Piglet: Sharks?! Where? Where?

Pooh: Don't worry, Piglet. I haven't seen any around all day.

Piglet: Oh, dear. I do hope the sharks haven't eaten my snowman.

Pooh: Piglet's snowman! Better hurry!

Tigger: (Laughs) Trying to disguise yourself, huh? Well, it won't work.

Pooh: It won't?

Tigger: Nah. You can't fool me with one of those Pooh shirts. You old Tigger, you. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Pooh: I should have known better, Tigger. And, er,... hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo, to you, too.

Tigger: Why didn't you tell me you wanted to play hide and don't speak?

Pooh: What a wonderful idea! I'll count and you hide. One, two,... the number after two, four, five...

Tigger: I love this game.

Piglet: (Sniffs) I know I left him right around here somewhere.

Pooh: Oh, bother.

Piglet: Pooh? Oh, my snowman! I thought I'd lost you. If I didn't know better, I'd say your teeth were chattering. (Chuckles) My goodness, you are cold! Don't worry. I'll be right back.

Pooh: Being a snowman is certainly a chilly job, not to mention cold. Oh, bother. (Chuckles) There. No more vegetables, no more bugs.

Tigger: Hey, Tigger, I found you.

Pooh: Oh, dear.

Tigger: Now it's your turn to hide. Guess we're playing tag now. Here I come. Like it or not.

Rabbit: My vegetables. How did they get here?

Directors Bugs: Stroke, stroke, stroke. And stroke, stroke, stroke. And stroke, stroke, stroke.

Rabbit: Wishing star! Humph! My wish didn't come true. I have a carrot to pick with you, Pooh Bear.

Pooh: This wish-come-truing is very tiring. No wonder the wishing star got pooped.

Piglet: Snowman! Where are you?

Pooh: It's Piglet.

Tigger: I'm coming, other Tigger.

Pooh: And Tigger.

Rabbit: Pooh Bear?

Pooh: Oh.

Piglet: (Chuckles) There you are. And you're not shaking any more. Good. I brought you a face. Very distinguished.

Tigger: Hiya, Piglet. You haven't seen another Tigger, have you?

Piglet: Why, no, Tigger. Only you. (Chuckles) Because you're the only one.

Rabbit: Alright, where's Pooh?

Piglet: I haven't seen him, Rabbit.

Tigger: What's wrong with your snowman's schnozzola?

Pooh: Aat-choo!

(All) Pooh Bear!

Rabbit: Alright, Pooh. I think you have some explaining to do.

Pooh: And because it was my wish that pooped the star, I had to do something to make your wishes come true.

Piglet: What happens when Christopher Robin asks the star for a wish?

Pooh: (Gasps) Christopher Robin! We can't let him know what I did to his wishing star. He'd... He'd never speak to me again.

Tigger: Yeah. But what can we do, Pooh Boy?

Pooh: I'm not sure. But there's going to be a wishing star tonight. Or my name isn't Winnie the Pooh. Which it is. Do you think, if I'm far enough away, that Christopher Robin will believe I'm a star?

Tigger: Sure. Just remember to look twinkly.

Piglet: (Sniffs) But Pooh, why must you go so very up?

Pooh: Because otherwise, I'll let Christopher Robin down.

Piglet: Goodbye, Pooh Bear.

Tigger: Yeah. So long. Be sure to write. If you ever learn how.

Rabbit: Are you ready, Pooh?

Pooh: Well, I...

Tigger: Fire!

(Pooh Screams)

Tigger: Adios, Buddy Bear.

Pooh: Oh, bother. Here comes Christopher Robin. Hello, Christopher Robin. The wishing star's over here, tonight.

Christopher Robin: Why, so you are. But what are you doing here?

Pooh: Well, I came down for a closer look and this tree grabbed me. But do make a wish. I can hear you just fine.

Christopher Robin: I'm sure you can. Flap like a bird, jump like a fish, sit down, stand up, wish, wish, wish. I wish... I wish I had my best friend beside me.

Pooh: Whoops!

Christopher Robin: Got you. Why, Pooh, my wish came true.

Pooh: But how can that be? The wishing star's been used up. Christopher Robin, I wore him out and he fell. See?

Christopher Robin: Silly old bear. Look.

Pooh: You mean the wishing star was there all the time?

Christopher Robin: All your friends' wishes came true, didn't they?

Pooh: Well, yes, but I thought I did them.

Christopher Robin: Maybe with a little help from the wishing star.

Pooh: Stars certainly are smart.

Christopher Robin: Let's go home, Pooh. Maybe that honey pot you wished for last night is full again.

Pooh: In a moment. (Chuckles) I want to thank the wishing star. He made my most important wish come true.

Christopher Robin: What wish is that?

Pooh: You.

Intervals[edit | edit source]

Coming up next, in order to protect his friends feelings, Pooh joins us sad farewell into a many happy return in "Good-Bye Mr. Pooh"

Episodes Titles (cont.)[edit | edit source]

"Good-bye Mr. Pooh"

Transcript[edit | edit source]

(Pooh Humming)

Pooh: Empty. All empty. Honey jars are only good for so many smackerels before they're all smackereled out. Goodbye, dear friend. I hope you like your new home at the dump.

Tigger: Hiya, buddy bear! What your doing?

Pooh: Packing up my old honey jars.

Tigger: Pooh, packing up?

Pooh: I'll be leaving soon to go to...

Tigger: (Gasps) Leaving? Pooh, Pooh! Where'd you go? Where'd you go? He's gone. I gotta tell the others. Excuse me. Pooh boy! Not gone yet. Don't do nothing till I do nothing.

Pooh: How very odd. I wonder if it was something I said.

Tigger: Donkey boy, did you hear? Buddy bear's moving away.

Eeyore: Worst news I've heard since I lost my house, which was about two seconds ago.

Piglet: Moving away? Oh, d-d-dear. I miss him already. (Sniffs)

Tigger: Pull yourself together, Piglet. He ain't gone yet.

Rabbit: Oh, my. Oh, dear. Pooh's moving away. We must do something.

Tigger: I got a terrifical idea. Let's throw him a surprise going-away party.

Rabbit: Maybe. I have a better idea, Tigger. How about you get off me? Everybody? Ssh!

Tigger: Be quiet!

(All) Surprise!

Pooh: Surprise! Exactly whom are we surprising?

Rabbit: Why, you, Pooh. It's your surprise going-away party. See?

Pooh: I am surprised. Why, I didn't even know I was going away.

Tigger: Didn't you read the signs? "Goodbye." "So long." "We'll m-m-miss you."

Rabbit: Pooh, we even have going-away presents for you.

Pooh: A jar of honey! It's just what I always wanted, Piglet. How did you know?

Tigger: Here we go, buddy bear!

Pooh: Oh, thank you, Tigger! Oh, thank you, Eeyore!

Eeyore: It's something sweet, sticky and golden.

Pooh: So, Rabbit. What present do you have for me?

Rabbit: Well er... Er... Look! A Jagular!

Tigger: I don't see no Jagular.

Rabbit: It was there yesterday.

Piglet: Ooh! That was a close call.

Rabbit: Here we go, Pooh. Happy going away.

Pooh: Thank you, everyone. This is the best going-away party I've ever had. Actually, it's the only going-away party I've ever had.

Piglet: (Sniffs) We're happy we made you happy, Pooh.

Pooh: If I knew you cared so much about me, I would have moved away years ago.

Tigger: That's the most nicest think I ever heard.

Piglet: (Crying) I'm gonna miss you, Pooh. I can hardly believe you won't be with us. (Crying)

Pooh: I know, Piglet. I can hardly believe it myself. Please don't make this any more difficult than it already is. We wouldn't want to disappoint our friends by staying after the wonderful going-away party they gave us. It's not so bad. We only have to go away long enough to have gone away. Then we'll un-go away. Our friends will be so happy to see us they'll probably throw a coming-home party. This is a nice spot to have gone away to. Now all I have to do is wait. That's long enough. I wouldnt want my friends to forget me entirely. I just hope I remember what they look like after all this time.

Eeyore: Hello, Pooh. Back so soon?

Pooh: You look familiar.

Eeyore: Guess I'm pretty easy to forget. Name's Eeyore.

Pooh: Of course. I never forget a tail. That's funny. This looks very much like a Pooh bear's house.

Eeyore: Nope. Couldn't be. It's got an Eeyore in it. See?

Pooh: Bother. I knew I shouldn't have gone away so long.

Eeyore: Going so soon?

Pooh: I wouldn't want to overstay my welcome.

(Door Knocking)

Pooh: Hello. Do you remember me? I'm...

Piglet: Pooh, I'm so happy to see you. What are you doing back so soon?

Pooh: It's a long story and even longer when I tell it. But at the moment I'm without a home.

Piglet: Then I insist you stay with me.

Pooh: Why, thank you, Piglet. I promise you won't even know I'm around.

Piglet: Pooh, do you think you'll be done with dinner shortly? Soon it'll be time for breakfast.

Pooh: Breakfast! That's one of my seven favourite meals of the day. Oh, bother. Out of honey again. Well, perhaps you're right, Piglet. Maybe it is time for bed. Good night, Piglet. Oh, not my house...

Piglet: Oh, d-d-dear! What's that?

(Cock Crows)

(Pooh Snoring)

Piglet: Oh, at last.

Pooh: Good morning, Piglet. Did you sleep well?


Pooh: Poor Piglet. He's having one of those nightmares you get when you're awake.

Piglet: Pooh, you really don't have to do that.

Pooh: I know, Piglet. But I want to do something to show my appreciation.

Piglet: Pooh, I really enjoy having you here, but... Don't you think you'd be happier in your own place? Maybe you should ask Eeyore to leave.

Pooh: Oh, I couldn't do that. It would probably be best if I just lived with you. Forever.

Piglet: Yikes! What I mean is, it is your home. You need to stand up for yourself, Pooh. Just practice saying, "This is m-my home. I want you to m-m-move out."

Pooh: This is m-my home. I want you to m-move out. (Chuckles) This is my home. I want you to move out. This is my home. I want you to move out. Piglet, I think I have it.

Piglet: Did you call, Pooh?

Pooh: This is my home. I want you to move out.

Piglet: B-But I-I-I... All right, Pooh. I'll leave. G-Goodbye, Pooh.

Pooh: Piglet, where are you going?

Piglet: You t-t-told me to leave.

Pooh: Oh, Piglet. I was only practising what you told me to say.

Piglet: You know, Pooh, you're very convincing.

Pooh: Thank you, Piglet. But I'm afraid I'm too convincing. I can't ask Eeyore to leave.

Piglet: Then what are you going to do?

Pooh: The only thing I can do, Piglet. Give Eeyore a housewarming party.

Rabbit: Be quiet!

Piglet: That's my foot!

Tigger: Old donkey boy will be surprised when he sees the party we're tossing him!

Eeyore: I can hardly contain myself. Sorry to disappoint you but it's only me, donkey boy.

Pooh: Surprise!

Tigger: It's a little late on the surprises, buddy bear.

Eeyore: "So long." "Good-bye." "We'll m-miss you." Nicest thing anyone's ever done for me, throwing me a going-away party. Should have expected it, though.

Rabbit: But It's not a going...

Eeyore: Don't worry. I can take a hint. Ta-ta for now.

Tigger: Piglet, old pal. Maybe I shouldn't have used signs from Pooh's party. Eeyore, wait a minute! You've got it all wrong!

Pooh: Oh, my. A housewarming party with no-one to warm the house with. I didn't have a chance to give Eeyore his present. Come along, Piglet. It's time I started to look for a place of my own to live in.

Piglet: You know, Pooh, since you happen to be looking for a house, and there doesn't seem to be anyone staying in this house, perhaps you could live here. (Chuckles)

Pooh: You know, Piglet, you're right. There's something about this house that feels very homey.

Intervals[edit | edit source]

Coming up next, everyone's balloonatics when somebody breaks Christopher Robin's balloon and they all share the blame.

Episodes Titles (cont.)[edit | edit source]


Transcript[edit | edit source]

(Pooh Humming Tune, Chuckles)

(Door Knocking)

(Door Opening)

Pooh: Oh, hello, might Christopher Robin be at home?

Christopher Robin: (Chuckles) Silly old bear, it is me.

Pooh: And who might that be?

Christopher Robin: A balloon, Pooh. You know, made of rubber and air?

Pooh: In the case, may I take it for a walk?

Christopher Robin: Well, if you're careful not to pop it.

Pooh: I shall take care of it as if it were... as if it were honey.

Christopher Robin: Then it's in the best of hands, Pooh.

Pooh: Whee!

Pooh: (Singing) Here we go floating Anywhere we please Holding you tight as I can You're safe as a honey pot You always will be And I'll be right there when we land You're snuggly-wuggly Snug as a bug-gly (Chuckles) You're snuggly safe in my hands

Rabbit: Why, you flying feather duster! I'll... I'll... Whoa!


Rabbit: There's got to be a way to keep those birds out of my garden!

(Pooh Humming)

Rabbit: I've got it! (Chuckles) A brilliant idea!

(Rabbit Laughs)

Rabbit: But I need that balloon!

Pooh: Oh, hello, Rabbit.

Rabbit: Why, hello, Pooh bear. Nice balloon you've got there.

Pooh: Yes, isn't it? Christopher Robin let me borrow it.

Rabbit: You know, I was wondering if I could borrow it from you.

Pooh: Well, I don't know.


Pooh: Honey!

Rabbit: Yes, fresh honey.

Pooh: (Gleefully) Fresh. You know, watching Christopher Robin's balloon has made me a bit hungry, Rabbit? I don't suppose you could look after it for me.

Rabbit: Pooh, I suppose I could. Always glad... happy... ready to help a friend.

Pooh: But be very, very careful with it. I promised Christopher Robin that I would take care of it.

Rabbit: (Laughs) You're just the thing I need!

(Rabbit Humming)

Rabbit: (Chuckles) Perfect!

(Rabbit Humming)

Rabbit: There. That should do the trick.


Piglet: Oh, hello. You must be a friend of Rabbit's. Have you come to visit him? Oh, no need to be shy, I'm a friend of Rabbit's too.


Piglet: Yike! Help!


Piglet: Run! Tigger! Run! There's a big monster right behind me!

Tigger: Where? Where? Let me at him! Let me at him! Hey, don't get pushy! Don't get pushy!

Piglet: I think he's mad.

Tigger: Oh, a tough guy, eh? Ha! You missed me! (Chuckles) This guy isn't so tough. Hmm, this calls of a little strategery. Listen, Piglet, follow me. Okay, Piglet, now, here's the plan. Get him!

(Piglet Screams)

Tigger: (Running) Good work, Piglet! You got him on the run! Don't let go!

Rabbit: What's going on? Wha... The balloon, it's gone. Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, my, my, my!

Piglet: Yo!

Tigger: I got you, kid! I got... (Trips) Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Rabbit: Where's the balloon? How could you? How could you?

Tigger: How could we what, bunny boy?

Rabbit: You broke my scarecrow. (Gasps) Oh, my. Oh, my... The balloon. I borrowed it from Booh Pear... Pooh Bear... who borrowed if from Ristopher Crobin... Ristopher Cribbin... (Cackling)

(Pooh Humming Tune)

Rabbit: (Screams) It's Pooh bear. Pooh bear! Quick! Back to the house! I gotta go home!

(Pooh Humming)

Rabbit: (Singing) Rock-a-bye bunny In the tee-top... uh, treetop When the wind blows The radle will crop When the bough brakes

Pooh: (Gasps) What happened to the ba...

Rabbit: Shh! The balloon's asleep, Pooh bear.

Pooh: I don't hear it sleeping, Rabbit. You know, it's much smaller when it sleeps.

Tigger: Why, absotively posilutely! They have to shrink, Pooh. So they can fit in the bed... for goodness sake.

Pooh: Wake up, balloon. Time to go back to Christopher Robin.

Rabbit: No, you'll wake it, Pooh.

Pooh: Why, it's not sleeping. It's eyes are open. But shouldn't be big now? Now that's it's awake, I mean.

Rabbit: Oh, that's no good, Pooh, we popped the balloon.

Pooh: Oh, bother. What shall I tell Christopher Robin?

Tigger: (Chuckles) You don't suppose he'd believe it was asleep, do you?

Pooh: No! I must tell him the truth!

Rabbit: No, no, no! If you tell him that he popped his balloon, he'll never talk to us again. We must make a pact to never tell Christopher Robin about this. Now raise your right hands and right legs. Now, jump and down and promise. Friends together, friends apart, I'll never, never, cross my heart, tell how this balloon was popped. And if I do, I hope I drop. Now, you hide it.

Pooh: Oh, can't sleep either, huh, balloon?

(Inhales, Sighs)

Balloon Judge: You, Pooh bear, have been accused of popping a balloon!

Christopher Robin: He broke my balloon! How can I ever speak to him again? (Crying)

Balloons in The Jury: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Balloon Judge: Silence! Pooh bear, how do you plead?

Pooh: (Stammering)

Balloon Judge: Guilty!

Balloons in The Jury: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Pooh: (Shouting) Christopher Robin!

Rabbit: Oh, my! It's Pooh bear!

Piglet: Oh, he's gonna tell Christopher Robin about the balloon.

(Rabbit Strains)

Rabbit: Watch where you're doing! You almost made me drop Christopher Robin's balloon.

Piglet: But I'm Christopher Robin's balloon.

Tigger: What are you talking about? I've got his balloon.

(Bubblegum Blows)

Christopher Robin: Now, what are you three up to?

Rabbit: (Sniffs) I'm sorry, but I broke your balloon, Christopher Robin.

Tigger: No, I did. Tiggers are the ballooniest breakers.

Piglet: Uh, I'm the actually the one who p-p-popped it.

Tigger: Christopher Robin, we're sorry, but we all broke your balloon.

Pooh: Christopher Robin, I have broken your balloon.

Christopher Robin: It's not broken, it's only untied. The air's out of it.

Piglet: Oh, no! Not again!

Tigger: Hold on, you two balloony brains! (Laughing)

Rabbit: Oh, my. Oh, my! Oh, my!

Christopher Robin: Hey! Come back, you balloonatics! (Chuckles)

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